India China skirmishes near trijunction of China India and Bhutan at doklam may be new in geographical sense but it is not new otherwise. We have witnessed so many confrontations on eastern and western sides of our boundaries. But what is the new and interesting facts this time one can figure out is timing and geographical context.

Firstly if we talk about geographical context then it is clear that this region of middle part of our long sharing boundaries witnessed first time this kind of scuffle.before this we have dispute on eastern side regarding arunachal Pradesh or in western side regarding aksai chin. But I think ,China’s only intention to prop up confrontation in this new region is to force India to give and take.

Secondly the timing of this issue can be seen in the context of Modi and Trump first bilateral meeting which world is watching keenly. The clear message which China wants to convey through this that if you involve US too much in Asian affair then they will create so many obstacles like this.

But I think India  should not worry about that and try to resolve this through high level talk and if possible back channel talks. Our relationship is time testing and became mature even to resolve these issues keeping in mind sovereignty and integrity of each other. These two countries have to understand that by getting closer to one country doesn’t mean loosening relationship with another country. This century will be witnessed alliance and grouping of countries not on ideological basis but on issues basis which early evidences can be seen in case of Paris deal .we both have to understand that if we want to make 21st century as Asian century then we have to resolve and avoid such types of issues.


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