1. Maitree 2016 – Joint Indo – Thailand Military Exercise concluded at Krabi (Thailand).

2. JALRAHAT– 1st Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise by Indian Army at Narangi Cantt (Assam).

3. Prakampana – 2nd Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise by Indian Army.

4. SAHAYATA -3rd Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise conducted by Indian Air Force in Gujarat.

5. Yudh Abhyas 2016– 12th Joint military training exercise between India and USA, in Uttarakhand.

6. INDRA-2016– Eighth India-Russia Joint Military Exercise , begun in Vladivostok (Russia).

7. Druzhba-2016 (Friendship-2016)– First military exercise between Russia and Pakistan held in Pakistan.

8. PRABAL DOSTYK 16– Joint India Kazakhstan Army exercise held in Karaganda region of Kazakhstan.

9. Sino India Cooperation 2016– second Indian and Chinese armies joint exercise, in Eastern Ladakh.

10. Sea-2016– china-Russia navel exercise in south china sea.

11. Sankat Mochan – Exercise to evacuate Indian citizen from south Sudan.

12. FORCE 18– Multinational Field Training Exercise, held in pune, involving ASEAN Plus countries.

13. Iron First 2016– Indian air force exercise in Pokhran (Rajasthan).

14. Defexpo 2016– Biggest defence expo held in Goa.

15. Gurada Shakti – Military exercise between India – Indonesia held in Indonesia.

16. Shaheen (Eagle)5– Air force exercise between Pakisthan – china.

17. SHATRUJEET – by STRIKE 1 in Rajasthan by Indian Army.

18. Nomadic Elephant– 11th Edition India- Mongolia Defence Exercise in Mongolia.

19. 2016 Malbar– Trilateral Navel Exercise , hosted by Japan, Between USA, India AND JaPAN.

20. Desert Eagle-1– Bilateral Air force Exercise Between India- UAE, held In UAE.

21. RIMPAC– Largest Biennial multilateral Navel exercise , held in Hawaii, 25th edition.

22. 2016 Sahyog– hyeobleed- Defence excercise between India coast guard – south Korea in Bay of Bengal.

23. Anaconda 2016– 10 day long, started in Poland, largest Training exercise of Polish Armed Force.

24. Megh Prahar– Bateer exercise operation conducted by Indian Army on Bank of Yamuna River to test effectiveness of Tank T-90 AND BMP-2 in Mathura.

Indian Navy Joint Exercises

  • Varuna naval exercise is joint exercise of navies of France and India.
  • SLINEX.-Sri Lanka India Naval Exercise
  • INDRA is a joint, bi-annual military exercise conducted by India and Russia
  • Exercise Malabar is a bilateral naval exercise involving the United States and India.
  • Simbex – Indian Navy with Republic of Singapore Navy
  • IBSAMAR with the Brazil and South African navies.
  • KONKAN – A bilateral Naval Exercise  between Indian Navy and Royal Navy of Britain
  • AUSINDEX-Indian and Australian Navy Bilateral Maritime Exercise
  • Sahyog-Kaijin -Joint exercise of Coast Guards of India and Japan
  • Naseem Al Bahr – Joint navy exercise of  India and Oman

Indian Air Force Joint Exercises
  • The joint India-UK air exercises are known as the “Indradhanush” or “Rainbow”.
  • India-France Air Exercise “Garuda“.
  • Avia Indra-2014-  the India-Russia maiden aerial exercise.

Indian Army Joint Exercises
  • Mithra Shakti exercise- India and Sri Lanka.
  • Hand-in-Hand. -India-China joint military training exercise
  • Exercise Shakti – India and France armies
  • Exercise Nomadic Elephant- Indian Army exercises with the Mongolian Army.
  • Exercise Yuddh Abhyas is a series of joint exercises between the Indian and United States Armies since 2005.
  • Surya Kiran – India Nepal joint military exercise
  • LAMITYE– India and Seychelles
  • Prabal Dostyk – India Kazhakhstan Joint exercise

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