1. I found myself in dilemma on the argument given by my friend that indian government should not pay much attention in the matter of probe related to the link of subhash chandra bose death and Russian angle. He emphasised that it may hurt the current relation of India and Russia and most importantly you can not held responsible to present generation Russian for something which their forefather genaeration might have done in Stalin regime.The point is that should we impose something on current generation for the action of their forefather?
  2. One of my friend who was my classmate has taken admission in college by taking advantage of his freedom fighter quota .another of my friend has got admission through schedule cast quota.These two cases says a lot about the acceptance of the fact that in our society we have tradition to accrue the advantage or disadvantage of our forefathers deed.
  3. In my opinion the transmission of deed of one generation should not have much power and if current generation of Russian cant held responsible then why current generation of youth should be make culprit for injustice one by their forefather.
  4. what can be done is identification of much needed must insure. the beneficiary should be only who has economical and social condition is in most debilitating condition irrespective of cast ,class and community,if we have to make cast less society then first step one should think is that consider reservation on other basis then cast.
  5. one may argue that how can precisely identify that who is in such condition and eligible for reservation.this is obsolet question because we came far away from time this question arose.If government can find precisely those persons who are eligible for subsidy then it is not a big task for them to find it actual social and economical condition of its own citizenary. Recent technological development like big data analysis and JAM(jandhan adhar mobile) may helpfull in identification of same.One thing is clear that if intention is such and you really want to do then these methods may not cen percent helpfull in identification but easily weed out unwanted beneficiary cen percent and you can make system more transparent and efficent.

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