​Supreme court’s decision to go ahead with the recommendation of lodha committee, ONE STATE,ONE VOTE is correct on both ethical and moral grounds .

1) As cricket in India is more than sport is a public good providing opportunities to improve one’s fortunes.

Hence for distributing this opportunity equally throughout the country it is the need of hour to provide each state one vote.

2) Inequitable representation of states like Gujarat and Maharashtra in cricket administration,leading to a concentration of cricket infrastructure in certain pockets of the country.thus we rarely find mention of cricket player from north east or from poorer states.

3)since certain states have multiple clubs and their contributions are also significant hence providing same status to them as states having no historical contributions.

  • Here it must be emphasised that those clubs are not bared from their voting rights.the internal mechanism among these clubs like rotation in voting chance may be a option for resolving this issue.

4) The development of sports infrastructure in deprived region is not possible till they don’t get voting  parity.India witnessed the Inequitable growth of industrial infrastructure but it was justified on the basis of certain prerequisite conditions like raw materials and transportations etc,but sports infrastructure can’t be concentrate in certain pocket on same ground.In fact , certain advantages are associated with rural background players which is yet to be trapped.


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