My name is DUBRILE

As a mechanical engineer, the soft feeling towards ductile material is an obvious thing . Since the prime objective of a mechanical engineer to find the materials which have good machinability hence ductile remains a better option than brittle material. Then I thought,ductile material is the best thing that God created.

 But as life progressed ,i met with a different and practical reality of world. I found ,I have something similar to brittle material.i am a person with rigid convictions. I am resolute and ready to even break but not bend .since these traits of personality were resembling with brittle material hence I decided to giving equally respect to brittle material also.

Ultimately man is the most diverse and flexible material god has created ever.since I have too  much enduring power and sea of patience.patience is so much that in even critical situation till last I keep calm and think consciously.These traits of personality are much similar to ductile materials.

Hence keeping both facts in mind I decided to call myself as DUBRILE.


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