One side when we talk about gender equality till 2030 under goal number 5 of sustanable development goal (SDG) and another side there is no clear vision regarding the path adopted for same in india.
However our degree of commitment to achieve the same can be clearly understand from the fact that there is women bill pending in parliament since 2010 and no political party has shown their will to passed the bill. the time has come now , Leader across the party should have to come forward .
When we talk about women empowerment we have to clearly understand that it will not happen untill we empower them politicaly economicaly and socialy .we have to improve their participation in prliament because 11 % representation is not too much . Inspite of the fact that indian women are in leading position in various companies but their number is quite less. Our society is still male dominated.indian women found themselves in every where chain and hence they can not develop at faster rate with all these retrictions.
We have to pay the dues of women because world has witnessed already peak of  attrocities on women.whether poignant situation of women in war affectd syrian refugee or excesses on women in arabian countries everywhere women are in acute problem .
in this global trend india is also not left .indian rural women is even today not so much economicaly empower that they can feel independent. They have lack of self confidence because so many social evils like domestic violence make them gradualy weak. Lack of security environment at working place unequal payment as compare to male counterpart  sexual harassment at working place etc are problems related to urban or working indian women are tired from all these. they want emancipation from these.the desire of indian women can be best summed up by this famous african song
I have only one request
I do not ask for money
Although i have need of it
I do not ask for meat
I have only one request
And all i ask is
That you remove
The road block from my path….

What we will have to do is change the mindset of society regarding women .there is an urgent need of another social awakening . our indian society has shown a no of such examples which can be guide us  in future . Our past has a glorious history regarding to women .whether it was composition of some hymns of rigveda by woman, active participation of woman in sabha in vedic age or the example of razia sultana who shatterd the myth that women can not be a good ruler. Our indian society has produced so many ranis and beghums whose contributions are so great and unforgetable that they are remembered long by the masses.
We should learn from all these preset examples and encourage our younger generation to think about gender parity .we have to provide equal opportunity to women so that they can also start their glorious journey.
The kind of disciminations we see in our family we will have to raise our voice against them irrespective of relation and heirarchy. We must have to have courage to say truth . We also have to  support against attrocities on women inside our society. The day when we started doing so as a responsible citizen ( it is fundamental duty also) it will be the age of second social awakening and i hope it must be happen sooner rather than later..
At last i want to say through this beautiful iqbal bano revolutionary gazal —
Ham dekhenge ham dekhenge
ki jis din ka hame wada tha ham dekhenge….

(We will see we will see

The day we have promised we will see )


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