The spirit of media was put on threat with the commencement of 24*7 news channel. Tv channels now become the plateform to raise noise not views.
The era of  debate which came into picture during famous anti corruption movement in 2013 in india has been witnessed a new low with passage of time.
Whether it came to election debate or parliament functioning debate and so on so forth media is clearly divided into two parts . The virtue for which it considered fourth pillar of democracy no where visible.inspite of putting different dimensions of an issue now media put forward his own opinion .
In the race of gaining trp(total rating point) main issue become far from reach.
The current situation prevailing in india in the wake of jnu incident is no doubt serious but  contribution of media made it so complex and dangeorous .The increasing incident of media biasness continued .the politicisation of this issue is started as a result main issue left behind .society divided into two part on the matter of so called deshbhakti.
There is a general perception that media has nexus with political parties that result in the favouratism by particular media channel to concerned political may be true partially or say in particular case .but what i found the reason behind this is the overemphasise of personal opinion over actual circumstances by media. As we know Every citizens have have right to personal opinion on an issue as journalist also but when they have to cover same issue for general public ,they should have to think beyond personal opinion.



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