World’s Highest GDP in Mughal time (1690)

Kaal-Chiron said in his blog on Aug 06,2009,” The Deccan conquest of Aurangazeb can be considered as one of the longest and largest conquest in the history of mankind. About one and half million men and almost equal number of beasts toiling away far from their homes for 27 years just for the political ambition of one emperor , sees to be too huge to be true. Mughal army ravaged deccan and emerged defeated in the end. Their prime aim, which was to subdue Marathas, proved to be futile .Marathas were already conquering central India, when Mughals were busy conquering Deccan, within 8 years of Aurangazeb’s death Marathas entered Delhi as part of allied forces and within 30 years of his death they had conquered Delhi on their own and ruling almost everything from Punjab to Tamil Nadu and Sindh to Bengal.

Indian Economy in 17th and 18th Century:
The total GDP of world in 1700 was about $ 370 billion . The GDP of Mughal empire in 1690s was $91 billion . Due to Aurangazeb’s Deccan invasion Economy of India declined down to number two position to be tied with that of China.China eventually overtook India in 1829. Till 1680 India was most probably the biggest economy in the world.


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