Kunwar singh

KUNWAR SINGH, Raja of Jagdishpur 1826/1858, born about 1778, succeeded to the gadi in 1826, which comprised two pargranas and several talukas of the Shahabad district. The total annual income of the estate was about rupees six lakhs. But several factors, including family litigations, extravagant living, generosity beyond his means and, above all, the machinations of his own staff with unscrupulous creditors, combined to put the estate under ruinous debts which amounted to rupees twenty lakhs on the eve of the Rising of 1857. He played a prominent part in the events of 1857/1858, he fought in the battle of Kanpur. Subsequently, he arrived in Lucknow, where the King of Oudh awarded him a robe of honour and a farman for the area comprising the Azamgarh district. He decided in April 1858 to return to his home district. Fighting a careful rearguard action, he crossed the Ganges at Sheopur Ghat, and re-entered Jagdishpur on 22 April 1858. He was greviously injured during the retreat and lost his right hand. Four days later, Kunwar Singh died of injuries and exhaustion. A man of generous disposition, Kunwar Singh gave numerous grants to individuals and for the maintenance of shrines, including a Muslim shrine in the Patna City. On the establishment of the Arrah Zilla School in 1846, he not only donated the land for the building but also gave a cash donation of rupees one hundred. He got a Shiva temple and a tank constructed at Jagdishpur. He was an admirer and a patron of men well versed in martial sports, such as riding, shooting, archery etc. He invited such experts to Jagdishpur and retained them for long periods to train his men in those arts. He married the daughter of Raja Fateh Narain Singh of Deo, a wealthy zamindar of Gaya district, and had issue. He also had some concubines, including Dharman Bibi, who accompanied him on his journeys outside Bihar during the Rising of 1857/1858. He died 26th April 1858.


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