Modi speech

Whenever i watch the speech of modi ,honestly i would like to say it takes me to my early school days. During school days,when i used to start my speech on any special occasion then one fear always came in my mind whether something is wrongly spelt. However i knew whatever be the chances of mistakes will never be an issue because my speeches were well prepared and scruitinised by my teachers . The problem was that, due to nervousness,i used to pronounce some words and names incorrectly.
Today i watched modi ji live from Madison Garden (Newyork) and one of the best speeches i ever heard. The way he relates history with present scenario is just exemplary. One thing can be predicted about modi ji that he will be one of the greatest and successfull prime ministers of Indian history.The main reason behind this is the great vision he has towards taking India to greater heights and thats why he touches all the fields of development in which one can’t even imagine. In the worst case even, he will atleast be praised for the initiation and showing the way forward for the national development.
Modi ji will also be remembered for a noteworthy fact which can easily be carved out from his speeches.He keeps on taking foul names starting from election days in which bhagat singh took place of some another martyr, alexander even crossed ganga river, and so many such incidents.. After all those speeches, bjp spokesperon kept on justifying those errors. But still after becoming the prime minister of the largest democratic country,he continues this.
During president xi jinping visit of India, A DD news adhoc news reader just spelt 11 in the place of xi .The very next day a strong action was taken and the news reader was stepped down from his job. The question is, for the same error being committed repeatedly, why there is a difference in action over two citizens of the same nation.Even today modi ji said mohan lal karamchand gandhi instead of mohandas karamchand gandhi,which is not atleast expected from him. In a democratic country every one is equal in front of law however this is not generally practised and is a pondersome problem.


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