Like LAC in between India and china near Ladakh region ,china assume McMahon line as LAC in Arunachal pradesh . It is generally wrong information shared in India that China not ready to assume it as a LAC. lets know , “what is the objection regarding this line ? ” .

In Simla  conference in 1914 ,both country agreed to  ratify this agreement and McMahon line came in existence. The co-ordinate of McMahon line pointed out in this conference . In Arunachal pradesh sector ,the chinese treat the Mcmahon Line as the LAC till today , But they challenge India’s clame that the line should follow the watershed or the highest line of mountains. They point out that the coordinate of the line -as set out in the conference in 1914-depart at places from the watershed. These” GREY AREA” south of the watershed are the places where chinese “incursion” occur in this sector .



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